We are a summer league swim team that swims in the Lancaster County Summer Swim League. The league is made up of 23 teams from throughout Lancaster County. Our regular season consists of 6 dual meets vs. each team in our division, with invitational meets sprinkled in throughout. Following the conclusion of the dual meet season each division has their respective Divisional Championship meet, and at the end of the season all 24 teams get together for the County Championships.


Why choose to be a lion swimmer:

  • Colligate Level Coaching.
  • No Weekend Meets, our meets are Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
  • Sprint format for shorter summer swim meets.
  • Family oriented team dynamics.
  • 10 meets in the summer season to get the perfect time.



We could not have a team without the help and support that our sponsors give us.  Please support them as they support us!